On January 13, 1998 Alfredo Ormando, an unknown gay writer from Sicily, shocked the world by lighting himself on fire in St. Peter’s Square, the only time such a protest had taken place on Vatican soil. Despite the attempt by some in the gay community to frame the event as the spark of the “Italian Stonewall,” Alfredo’s gesture faded into obscurity. ALFREDO’S FIRE chronicles one man’s descent into darkness as he struggles to reconcile his faith and sexuality. Looking at fire as a potent but contradictory symbol of liberation, annihilation, and communion, this film tells a universal story of human longing, frailty and the dire consequences of living a lie.
  • Oh Lord, ignite me, burn me with the flames of your heart. You who fills all of creation, fill me with Your love.

    — Alfredo Ormando